What we do

Our commitment toward Community is deployed in the following areas and activities:


We deliver Education activities through Seminars and courses which can be held either in our premises (Germany and Italy) and in participants Countries/premises. Direct observation, workshops and a lot of fun are the peculiarities of our Education sessions.


Whether there is a dream to set up a Forest Kindergarten, a project to deliver, simply a bunch of people willing to hear, share or listen about Outdoor education, we may help on this and get together to make sure that our experiences become fruitful to others like-minded people.


ERASMUS, International projects, “teach the teacher” projects, Job rotation and training on the job are some of the areas and projects we may help with our long, pluriannual experience


Outdoor education and Forest Kindergarten is not just about children who they are at the core of our mission; however unless and until adults do not fully interpret and steep into the new paradigm of life, chances are that Forest Kindergarten and outdoor education remain confined into a very specific project, as lovely as it may be. A whole and holistic approach is fundamental and we may be help community toward this.