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Early 90’s, Middle East crisis. Bush struggling to get people support to invade Iraq. People don’t see this as a right war. Few days later, a breaking news shows a “nurse from Kuwait” claiming that she witnessed hundreds of children slaughtered in their cradles in a Kuwait hospital by Iraqi Army. Anger and indignation raged extraordinarily among US people and in few days act to invade IRAQI was approved almost unanimously by US parliament. The nurse from Kuwait was the Kuwait ambassador’s daughter. Nothing of what she claimed was true. Not a word.

Vietnam war: US army massacre in My Lai. Hugh Thompson Jr, an U.S.helicopter pilot saved a group of local civilians threatening his comrades to fire on them if they hadn’t ceased immediately fire

Two stories among thousand which should teach us all about danger of manipulation and how “us vs them” theory could turn people’s live entirely upside down

So, you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink. We as human we’ll continue to see and hear what others want us to see and hear. Unless and until we take control on our own lives.