Treecanopy: A “Hearth on Earth” project

Treecanopy is a project developed and conducted by Petra Jager and Lorenzo Filippi. Ever since they start working together in 2013 on children education, Petra and Lorenzo pursue a dream: steering a paradigm shift to change the current traditional way to support healthy development of new generations. This new paradigm deeply roots into the concept to develop and grow up children as a human being through the most natural, fulfilling, and enjoyable way as possible. Treecanopy project is based upon the philosophy that Nature, as whole, is the best, indeed the sole, possible way where human beings can accomplish their development in life. Coherently with this assumptions, Treecanopy project is developed and holistically deployed in all the precincts of the community: children, parents and organization throughout different initiatives: seminar, “hands on”, local support, cooperation, “teach the teacher”. Most importantly, Treecanopy aims to promote, disseminate and share all the best practices around the world on this philosophy, hoping to bring the highest contribution on this matter and possibly help communities to foster and thrive toward a more sustainable and Earth-minded future

…Just one of the many teams we had the privilege to accompany along our way to Nature Education