Soon or later

Once upon a time, there was a child who was living like an adult. The child had kept on living like an adult until he’d realized that something, or better, someone was calling him to a different life.
Thus the child started wandering around trying to listen better and to figure where this voice was coming from and whose was that voice. He had been struggling for years, decades stumbling upon “not-my-call-choices” he had made: living for working instead of the other way around, childhood companion taken for wife, places he longed seeing not seen and place not to be seen, seen . As the time was passing and child was encumbered and weighed down, life also was passing by. Too many bells not heard and too many sunset not seen started engraving his life backward, in some way. Child started talking with the adult he was mimicking, yet no answer manifest. Child had started becoming upset and annoyed and still adult wouldn’t explain anything. Till one day, that day, when the adult took child’s hand firmly yet gently and showing him the door, he said “here we are. Time is over for me to let you go “. “Where to?” was the answer from an astonished child.
“Right where you showed me, all along these years”
The 60 years old child seemed relieved, as he never felt in his life; he had not a clue as to what that sentence had meant, if it meant anything at all; neither he cared. He left the adult’s hand and while walking out through the door, he was moved as he had been probably just few times in his past 60 years; he had the very sharp, real and fulfilling sense of accomplishment.
Child and adult never met again since that day, but they both kept thinking very deeply and lovingly of each other every single day of their lives.

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